Many students find it difficult to concentrate or pay attention at school. What are the reasons ? What could be done

There is a growing concern over the fact that a great number of students have difficulty in staying focus during class. Various factors can be attributed to the increasing popularity of this trend, and several solutions must be applied to ressolve this acute emergent problem. To begin with, lack of concentration during school hours can be attributable to two principal reasons. First and foremost, digital attraction has always been a compelling culprit, sparking much of students' interest. Since most students possess digital devices which include the Internet access, they are able to use them with the aim of being absorbed in schooling-unrelated activities, fuctioning as texting or playing games. The overuse of electronic devices would consequently would prevent students from comprehensing the teacher' s instruction. Moreover, background noise level generated in classrooms also remarkably contributed to the deterioration of students' attention. The noise, which may come from the outsides building construction or reverberation, has soared the noise level in the classroom. Therefore, students are not capable of listening to the teachers' voice attentively, which acts as a deterrent to students' academic performances. Still, steps must be taken to overcome this thorny problem. Firstly, banning the use of state- of - the- art technology during classes may enable students to be focused and study more adequately at school. In others words,weren't they be directed to check their smartphones continuously, students would be able to pay more attention to the lessons. In addtion, constructive improvement in classes should be applied to mitigate to background cacophony. By installing sound insulation materials such as reducing glass, it enables to restrain the outside noise from approaching to class, hence, create a peaceful learning environment for students. In conclusion, the use of electronic devices and extreme noise level are 2 principle factors leading to the lack of concentration among students. Therefore, the aforementioned measures should be adopted to address the modern-day problem.
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