We often hear that new technology presents a threat to our traditions. In what ways however can new technology help maintain our traditions? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledgeor experiance.

Technology is developing at an unstoppable speed which shows in the number and style of items such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPads.... There are many people said that new new inventions are threatening our traditions all over the world. However, the concern is whether new products related can help maintain our beloved traditions in any way. We must admit that new high-tech is the good effect of creativeness. There is a fact that we have many companies, which are in varying sizes and different parts, try to produce new technological items all the time. It might be the commercial require of the international market, it also can be the effort of the scientists. The products aim to be better and better, newer and newer in comparison with the old versions. It means that something old should be replaced by the new one which is improved from the original. The new technology is based on the older while the oldest one root was from the traditions. Thereby, new technology is using and developing from the traditions, even it raises the tradition to reach a new rank in its progress. For instance, we used hand-written letters to keep in touch before the media means appeared. By the time, phones and computers, iPad were invented along side with the Internet explosion. On the one hand, people feel that it's easier to connect with others, not only our relatives, but also our friends who we have never met before. On the other hand, some people said that it killed the beautiful tradition of us - handwritten letter communication. There is something we need to be clear here, phone calls, video calls don't make the hand-written letter communication method to be blurred but more outstanding. A hand-written letter is much more valuable than a phone call or a video call which we do not need much time to create. In conclusion, we need to accept that new technology are pushing our traditions to a higher position than their current levels. Change is not something bad but an essential step in our evolution.
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