The tradition of families getting together to eat meals is disappearing. What are the reasons? What are the impacts?

It is undeniable that modern families are likely to have less meals together. This practice may be caused from many factors, and its effects are detrimental on people’ lives nowadays. On the one hand, there are many reasons for this matter. Firstly, the fact that members in one family are less gathering to have mutual meals is driven by the today’s fast pace of life. It is needless to say that people today are working day and night to meet deadlines for their works. Thus, they may not have much time to prepare and enjoy home – cooked meals with their families. Another reason might come from the increasing development of cutting – edge technologies. Interacting to much these digital devices could reduce hours for people to do other activities, particularly eating with families. To be more specific, children now are hung up on their phones, laptops or tablets, so these youngsters could not set aside, even one hour to have meals with their families. From the above reasons, this matter could have negative impacts on people’ livings. One of them is that it could break an inner circle of the family, creating gaps between generations. From there, parents could not understand, empathize enough to their children, and children could not share their problems or thoughts to adults. In a long run, the misunderstandings would lead to the fact that people may less take care of each other. Especially, this effect would harm for the young people’ spirits, so they could easily get psychological illness. In conclusion, the phenomenon of not taking meals together in families is arising increasingly. There are many reasons for this issue which also have bad influences on people’ lives.
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