Some people believe that young people benefit from working while studing at schools and universities. Other think that young people will achieve more by focusing on their studies. Discuss both these viewpoints and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answers and include relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

The debate, whether studies and work at same time could be advantageous for university students or not is trending a lot these days. Many believe it would be helpful but some people claims focusing on studies is much more beneficial. This essay will emphasize on why the former statement outweighs the latter one and is the best option among the two. Ample number of students go abroad for studiesfor their career prospects with limited financial support. They witness many circumstances where they are trapped for budget. Apart from college fee, food expenses, daily travelling and fitness there are lot of situationswhere money is needed. An unlikely health problem, an accident, additional study materials, practice books, workshops and projects during the course require money. Such expenses can not be planned exactly. Thus, i feel supporting the working student culture as this enables them to be self dependent and handle the situation comprehensively. While, if you look at the other side of this, many insists to focus on only studies rather than doing a job to cope up with financial expenses at same time. This will absolutely help students to achieve higher grades in their academics but it creates a loophole in terms of organizational working culture experience which they have to go through in future. The students can get a fair idea of financial management and understand and analyse the situationthat can ultimately help them with their studies as well. For example, there are many students who are enlorred in business management or financial management courses. Working along with studies will definitely add value to their subject. Recapitulating the statement that whether working and studing are complementry or not, i have a biased opinion of supporting the studing and working culture rather than being only study oriented. It has numerous positive outcomes if analyzed in a right way.
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