In many countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. Some people think that the government should have the responsibility. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in many nations. Many people think that government should be responsible for this, while I personally suppose that parents must be the primary duty on children’s overweight. There are several reasons why children are getting unbalanced shapes. The first reason is that children are allowing to intake a large amount of unhealthy food on a daily basis. Fast food as an example for containing high amount of fat which can lead to child’s putting-on weight and related diseases. Another reason is that young children often are strongly governed by computer or technology devices. Therefore, they prefer spending hours and hours sticking their eyes on the screens to taking part in outdoor activities. Consequently, the calories they consumed are not burned but internal fat tissue which contributes to obese children. Parents have to take a main responsibility for this negative impact. First, they should control their offspring’s eating habits. Trying to avoid the unhealthy food such as fried, pizza or even cut the extra meals. Additionally, they also can encourage their children to live a dynamic life. Adult need to be a child’s good partner on physical activities, not just tell them verbally. This may help children escape from idle lifestyle. The government also should take measures to eliminate children’s obesity. Enacting strict legislations that preventing food companies from producing unhealthy convenience food as well as advertising them on mass media would also indirectly keeps children away from high-calorie-contained foods. In conclusion, although the government should have responsibility for childhood obesity, each parent of every single family still plays the most important role on orienting their offspring to a healthy life.
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