some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy , with everything organized and in the correct place. what is your opinion about this ?

It is widely believed that keeping your accommodation place, and your workplace clean is crucial .besides, people advise to organize your items in their proper place. In my opinion, I totally advocate the discipline and cleanness in your home, and in your occupation place . Having a well-organized workplace is significant, and produces many benefits. Firstly, a tidy workplace creates a promising atmosphere of work. Consequently, the production and effort of an employee will be increased. Secondly, if you possess an elegant office, people will take a positive impression about you. As a result, more colleagues will seek to have relationships with you. Furthermore, your social life will flourish. Finally, when you abandon carelessness, you will save time because it will be more straightforward to find you instruments. Hence, discipline will drive you to become more practical in addition of, being more productive. With regards to your accommodation place, in my point of view, living in a tidy place is critical, and has a fundamental effect on your health besides of, your social life. when it comes to your health, a clean place is the bedrock of being healthy owing to that, a clean place will eradicate any source of Infection besides, it generates a relaxing surrounding that assists you to recover, and to have rest. In terms of social life, if you have an appealing and clean home, it will encourage more friends to visit you. In conclusion, although the order brings more creation and production, many individuals do not pay sufficient attention to organize their workplace. Thus, in my opinion, a firm legislation should be implemented by employers in order to keep the workplace tidy, clean, and attractive.
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