Some people feel that entertainer (I.e film stars pop musicians and sports stars )are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree . Which are the types of jobs should be highly paid.

Entertainment industry is considered as a highly paid industry in all over the world however it is a becoming eye-catching topic to discuss whether it is economically acceptable or not. Some people believe entertainer like film stars, pop musicians, sports starts are paid higher than other occupations. As long as amount of reward for an effort is concerned and such entertainers deserve a handsome money. They have a distinct talents and skills and they execute extra efforts and practice to make theirselves eligible for entering into entertainment world. In some case, like Hollywood actors/actress put their life at risk in performing an extra-ordinary role or play. Whereas, some sports persons also have greater chance of on-field injuries. But, amount of salary in other jobs do not justify this point. Well balanced country is also in need of other quality services from doctors, defence entity, teachers etc. Military group is providing the protection shield to country against the danger of anti-social activities for peaceful environment. They should be paid comparatively high for their involvement in country's safety. Moreover, country's education system plays major role in successful country. Rather spending too much money behind entertainment industry starts, it should be invested in paying enough to teachers and in developing resources for bright future of nation. All in all, I agree instead paying too much to entertainer, some other types of job like military service, teachers should be paid highly too.
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