Is Education the only critical Factor to the Development of a Country?

“Education is the root for a healthy community. Education gives knowledge and prepares our children for a better future.” said Chitra Subramanian. That is why some large parts around Asia nowadays mostly take an eye on developing the education system in order to ensure their country development. However, I intensely disagree with that perspective because developing a country does not only strengthen one aspect of the social issues, but also have to consider about living condition, security, and equality. Initially, what will happen if there is a big gap between the balance of poor living condition and best education system? Children, who come from the remote areas have to fight with many issues while they are on their miserably hard way coming to school. Take students in the south central of Phu yen- Vietnam as an example, they have to cross the 15-meter-wide river with their schoolbags and uniforms into plastic bags so as to reach the other side every day, which is the main reason for almost students there drop out of their schooling. Moreover, poverty also is the core factor leads student left school to work because they are not able to pay the tuition fees; especially in Vietnam, there does not have any loans for secondary, or high school students. Hence, the education system does not flourish as predicted. There will have more uneducated people, who cannot join in any soft skills, or even hard skills training; Almost of them are unemployed, which is the high rate for crimes from all over the world. Secondly, security is also the factor leads the stabilization of the country. One nation cannot flourish even when it has the most modern teaching program. Take Pakistan education system as an example, though this country also use the up-to-date teaching methods, it also cannot be grown and developed because of its jihad. Consequently, Pakistan is recently known as one of the most dangerous and unsafe country to live. Besides, try to imagine how our kids can pay all their attention to study, if there are bunch of violent threats. “Eighty percent of students say they have suffered from gender-based violence at least once, while 71 percent of students have been affected by school violence in the last six months.” According to a survey in Vietnam That points out the high alarm of violence in schools not only from Vietnam, but also from other countries. Furthermore, another hard-solving problem is that there still has many kidnaps, which worried parents a lot. The kidnappers take students to their private place by magic skills, and then they make a phone call to parents to tell them give a big amount of money, or their children will die. The authorities should put necessary measures in place to secure schools across the country in view of the emerging security challenges. Finally, gender equality, religion, and living areas are extremely useful to go along with education to get the equal studying environment. On one hand, the discrimination between boys and girls in schools became a highlight issue around the 19th to the 20th century. Now, there is likely to discriminate between the normal sex, and the homosexual. The LGBT- les, gay, bisexual, and transgender- is often known as a homosexual society, which is mostly being discriminated by classmates, colleagues, family, and even teachers. “People would pound on the GSA doors, people would join to make fun of us, we’d put up posters and they’d get written on and torn down,” said Ethan B., a 16- year-old transgender boy in Texas. “We complained but the administration said they couldn’t do anything.” The same-sex marriage is available in US nowadays. However, in many developing countries, homosexual people still have to face with a lot of harassments, and discriminations. It is not equal for them because every person on this planet has the right to live, go to school, and grow up. Governments should have more consideration about the rights for LGBT to be themselves like other people. On another hand, the discrimination among religions also need taking into a consideration. For example, the Catholicism, and the Buddhism attack each other because Writing4_Finalpaper_Do Anh Hao_01501027 5 of different beliefs. Moreover, students also afraid to talk with other friends in school, who has different beliefs because there may have some wars, if one person accidentally talk wrong things about their friends’ religion. Furthermore, The difference among living areas is also one of the main factors making war. Most people from the urban do not like people, who come from the suburban because they think that they have no similarities. "When we started out we had a few whites in our area, but within a few years they all moved out," said Lewis Anderson. "For us African Americans when we see a group of white people move to the neighborhood we think that's good, we're cool with that. But for many white families that's not the case - they start to get discouraged, they start to worry about the property value and leave." The discrimination between the black, and the white has been set up for a long time. They do not want to live, work, or even talk with another. Kids always be in this situation, they are always discriminated from another bigger group. For example, some African students only play together in the small group because they are not allowed to join in a white group. In this case, Raising citizen awareness is the thing that is exceedingly urgent for one country to put it on top. To conclude, three above-mentioned aspects represent for all of the issues, which need considering together by the government in order to reinforce the country. Education is an extremely important and necessary for one country to strengthen it as much as possible, but it has to go along with other aspects. “Together we can change the world”. If the authority is unaffordable to clarify these problems, there will come about some unexpected situations in the future.
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