Leaders and directors in an organization are frequently older people, Some People think young leaders would be better. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Industrialization and technological advancements over past few decades have changed the way the organisations operate. Senior representatives act as a face of the organization to the outside world. Some people think having young leaders would be beneficial instead of older people. According to me, the merits of having more experienced leaders and directors outnumbers its demerits as they possess vast experience and are more developed as individuals. To embark on, older leaders have disparate experience and have multifarious dimensions in terms of industry exposure. Furthermore, they can build a conducive environment in the organization which results in enhanced productivity and constructive work culture. Because of aged leaders, organizations are able maintain energetic workforce bounded by the rules of healthy competition as they inculcate better leadership, communication and people management skills. To corroborate, basis a recent survey, 85% of the organizations grow by more than 30% year to year, which have representatives with greater experience at Management level instead of inexperienced ones. Further elaborating on this, leaders having experience greater than others can easily project and steer the decisions for organizations’ resulting in fruitful outcomes. More knowledgeable leaders are able to foresee and predict the future because of their diverse experience into innumerable fields. Undoubtedly, because of the supplemental experience against the young leaders, Older leaders are more patient and less aggressive that supports them in taking more educated, intelligent and calculated decisions for the betterment of the organisations and its people altogether. To epitomize, Older leaders having more experience and better visibility towards unexpected future events for the organization makes them best fit for the Leadership roles. For the betterment of Organization and economic growth as a whole, we have no other choice than to fall for the side of more experienced leaders than inexperienced ones.
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