Some people say the Olympics Games are not relevant in the 21st century. Do you agree or disagree?

Every four year, the whole world stops to watch, celebrate and participate in international sporting event called Olympics. Handful of people believe these global sporting events are not adding value in 21st century. On the contrary, I believe, that these games have more merits than demerits, as they support in releasing international tensions, promote tourism and cultural exchange. To embark on, during Olympic games, participants and athletes from various countries come together to a common platform and helps releasing international tension between nations, as they compete with each other in a healthy and non-violent environment. Moreover, world leaders have an eye on these global competitions and cross path with other leaders to restore collaboration, and to build a cohesive environment with nations to flourish international traders. As per a recent survey, 73% of the countries participating in Olympics tend to incline to collaborate and establish inter-country trade treaty for business. Further to accord, episodes and occasions such as Olympics help grow tourism for the hosting country that results in monetary contribution to the nation, which can be channelized for the development and building facilities for citizen. During Olympics, people from assorted culture, geographies and races come together, leading to enhance cultural exchange between nations. Citizen from various nation come together, end up rooting themselves with people from hosting country, concluding a strong social bond with each other. Additionally, international sporting events has been known for boosting the societal growth people, as hospitality and unique cultural experience latches on to people for exceptionally long time. In summary, Olympic games and other global sporting events have more benefits than its disadvantage as they bring nation together to support, cheer and celebrate their athletic representatives, and to build a strong cultural and economic relation with other participating countries.
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