Some people say that using smartphones should be banned in most schools. Do you agree or disagree with that?

Nowadays, We have witnessed so variety the bombing of technology so the people have many chances to access to any smart devices for example iPad, google glasses, laptop, smartwatch and typical is smartphone...thus some student abuse it in school and it is said that smartphone should be banned in school. In my opinion, the mobile phone should be prohibited in educational places. I think it brings to students more harmful things than benefits for learning which is distractions in the classroom, unsociable and collapsion in relationships with their friends First of all, it is undoubted that the smartphone makes people have more and more gap in relationships, mostly in friendship. I believe that when they have in hand a smartphone which is so convenient for lifting up their mood and unwind after long school time, certainly they will look intently at their smartphone and have a little chit-chat with someone by internet so it is the leading justification for less interaction with their friend. If I must opt between smartphone and outing with my friend when I am not on the go, maybe I will go to for my smartphone :)) because I just lay down in my bedroom and have no tiredness. The secondly obvious justification is that when they have the smartphone, they will be interrupted in learning because they all away think about the recreational game, apps for entertainment...As a result, they won't get any scores with flying colours. Another compelling reason for the idea is that they won't be alert to study anything Off the top of my head, the smartphone should be banned in school but in some cases, the smart devices still help them study effectively and provide them with a golden environment to develop logical thinking and study any subject easily...If they use it reasonably It is undeniable that smartphones and some smart devices support the student to acquire knowledge more quickly than traditional way and I think it is a new learning method helped studier in learning, it promotes the memory of student besides they not only know more about information that they are learning by ebook but also they can track the progress of the lesson smoothly without textbook moreover allowing student to expand learning outside of the classroom. Furthermore, It prepares students for future work. Working with mobile devices will not only be a part of their everyday lives as adults, but it will also be a vital part of many career paths as well as knowing how to appropriately use mobile devices is an important aspect in this increasingly connected world and workforce. Finally, The smartphone gives student up-to-date learning, in other words, the old days of looking for information in encyclopedias are long gone therefore having mobile devices in the classroom allows students instant access to the latest news, information, statistics, etc. Virtually every question they have is at their fingertips, keeping them connected with what’s going on around them and ensuring they are always well informed with the most up-to-date data in learning. To summarize, the smartphone supports them so numerous in training intelligence. Nevertheless, they also cause various problems in learning, especially addicted to the internet, facebook,...or some decreases in educating, for this reason, it is said to bạn at educational accommodations. I advise that they should use them logically and efficiently to get an immeasurable advantage in learning.
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