It is a natural process for animal species to become extinct. So we should not try to prevent this from happening. Agree or disagree

Thesedays, a lot of wildlife animals vanish throughout the world. There is an idea that it is traordinary phenomenon then people should follow nature. I totally disagree with this it because human is a great factor that affects many species in both directly and in directly. Appearently, people is the main reason why many animals turn out extinct. From the past until now, creatures is main resource to supply for meal of human. In fact, we are exploiting animal's meat in daily life all over the world from cattle like goats, pigs and chickens to wildlife animals such as birds, marine's fish and rabbits. Furthermore, there are still many use purposes of animals that people could work with in normal lives like using parts of their body for decoration, controling like pet or serving medicine. Therefore, that is not natural process with major animals. Additionally, because of many human's activities that might push enormous animals to the edge of extinct . Take agriculture as an example, vast forests are destroyed to alte by farm lanes, hence, species lost their habitats and also their food scource. Another reason is that global warming is emegered by industry, gas emission and so on which could establish many disasters like permanent drought, el nino. For example, a great drought in australia early 2019 killed million creatures, that is horrible disaster or many marine's species are dying everyday because they swallow rubbish in water. Having said that, remarkable animals disappear follow timeline because human's activities. Thus, it is very irresponsibility if we keep it out of sight seeing. In conlusion, protecting animals is our duty because we made this bad circumstance. Moreover, our next generation could only see many rare and beautiful species on pictures instead of actual creatures.
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