Some people believe that when designing a building, the most important thing to be considered is the function rather than the outward appearance. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, while the number of the population in the world is increasing, there is a big demand for constructing new buildings that will have a purpose of living or working in it. Some people consider the function as more crucial aspect for planning to build a building than its outside style. Moreover, in the process of designing and construction a building, engineers and architects usually disagree on the important statements, whether is functionality or design more important. On the one hand, buildings are built because of its functionality. For instance, schools are constructed so children could attend and educate in them, libraries are made for studying and borrowing books, while malls are built for shopping and spending time. The purpose is always the main reason why someone want to build, and without that, people would not plan a constructing of a building. What is more, without its functionality, there would not be design or style that determines a building. Moreover, many people consider a building important because of its usage and not style. On the other hand, buildings' design could be crucial for visual impression. People appreciate style, si ut could be important for facilities that want attention, such as museums, parliaments or other public institutions. Additionally, design on buildings is representation of city's style and culture, hence that impression is crucial of attracting tourists or investors. Furthermore, allowing architects to design a building will encourage them to dedicate to project and to invest all creativity and effort, which can result as amazing building. In conclusion, both opinions have advantages. I consider functionality as more crucial that design because building are made for its purpose and function. Additionally, people care more about its usage that style.
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