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Some individuals posit that how a building looks is crucial, while others believe that the purpose of the building plays an essential role in design. Personally, I believe that the aim of the building is a vital factor i
Given the pivotal role of outward appearance, the question of whether it should be considered less significant than the function when designing a building has garnered widespread interest. One common perspective that ma
It is argued that when planning the construction of a building, the structure and functioning are more important than the aspect. This essay agrees with this statement because safetiness of the building is the principal
In the present world, building structure becomes the most controversial while outward appearance is ignoring due to many reasons. It is agreed that building should be well functioned. Increasing the population will make
Nowadays, more builders tend to narrow down on internal amenities and the whole function of a building rather than the presentation, which, I completely agree with the statement.
Some people think that the foremost part that needs to be taken into consideration when designing accommodation is how practical a building is not the outside appearance. From my point of view, I strongly agree with th
Some people believe that when constructing a building, the architectural purpose is more valuable than exterior characteristics. Personally, I partly agree with this view, and I recommend that appearance and functions ar
Since the beginning, architecture has always been known as the cultural art of any city. But, with the technological advancement in the construction industry, internal features and options took significant importance whe
In this luxurious world, the buildings are designed in a way to fulfill every architectural and practical aspects. It is argued that while planning the design, the functionality of a building should be prioritized. I par
In this luxurious world, the buildings are designed in a way to fulfil every architectural and practical aspect. It is argued that while planning the design, the functionality of a building should be prioritized. I parti
People have different opinions on what are the key aspects that designers should consider when they design a building. Although the decoration of a building surely matters, I believe we still need to focus on the interio
It is true that the real estate market plays an essential role in our economy in recent years, and the building’s function is much more important compared to its exterior. While I accept that this may suit many companies
There is a believe that when an architect wants to design a house, the most essential factor to put into consideration is the duty of the building and not the external look which might be attractive to the sight. However
It is thought that the key factor when designing a building is the interior design. Personally, I believe that the interior design is of great significance, however, the exterior design should not be underestimated.
A heated debate is whether the intended use or the exterior characteristic is highly-valued when constructing a building. In my opinion, I partly agree with the greater appreciation of function and come to the idea that
Nowadays, while the number of the population in the world is increasing, there is a big demand for constructing new buildings that will have a purpose of living or working in it. Some people consider the function as more
There is currently a contentious argument advocating that the essential factor to be considered while designing a structure is its function, rather than its form. I strongly agree with this notion because a building's pr
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