Some people think it is better for people to change their career at least once in their life and do different kinds of jobs. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

I definitely agree with the notion that individuals should change their career at least once in life. A number of arguments surround my opinion. To begin with there are some strong benefits that can come from a career change. One of the major benefits of changing careers is money. People may make more per year than they did with their previous job. This can help to lessen the financial burden of an individual or family. Secondly, a career change brings opportunity to learn new skills. They will have to learn new actions and meet new expectations. This general education that is formed through a career change will be beneficial in the future. What is more, those who have a wide range of careers under their belt will have more job security in the long run. Instead of being proficient at one career path, a person can be proficient with two or even more. If he loses his job, he can seek out jobs in different career fields, as opposed to one career field. Therefore, his chances of landing a new job are greater than those who have simply held one career. Finally, a career change is good for breaking the monotony. It is psychologically true that whenever a person takes his first job, he is usually excited about it; but in the course of time, his interest wanes and soon he begins to suffer from an excruciating boredom. A career change fills him with new excitement that propels him into working with renewed interest and enthusiasm. To conclude, I would like to reiterate my opinion that a career change has many benefits and instead of sticking to one job one should change career at least once in life if not more times.
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