Some people thing that the government should make laws regarding nutrition and healthy lifestyle, while others think that it is a matter of personal choice and personal responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some people believe that health is a compulsory item of the government's agenda, whereas, others incline to the notion that the personal health to be taken care by individuals. Both the views merit debate. However, I opine that the parties are equally liable. As far as the government is concerned, a huge responsibility lies upon its shoulders, to enhance the public well being. In executing that, it should take the necessary steps to create a favorable environment, encouraging a healthy life of the commoners. As the authority of the executive power, the authorized personnel should establish rules and regulations to safeguard public health. For example, regulations introduced by the UK government, restricting advertising over fast food in public places. Furthermore, money collected via taxes to be used to eradicate the disparity of accessibility to healthcare services, such as hospitals and free vaccination programmes. On the other hand, being healthy is an onus of each individual. They are the direct beneficiaries of good health practices such as obtaining balanced meals and routine workout. What is more, the individual's contribution is indispensable in combatting health crisis such as Dengue. People's concern towards maintaining a clean environment and complying with advises of the responsible officers play a vital roll in safeguarding healthy lifestyles. The symbiotic relationship between the government and the general public, improvise the health and fitness of a country. To conclude, in my opinion, health and well being cannot be a partial liability either of the individual or of the government. Instead, both parties share an equal proportion.
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