Some people think it is better to give donations to local charitable organizations, while others choose to give to national or international bodies. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

These days, donating money to the needy is a humanitarian activity that has been embraced by individuals around the world. While some people deem that donors should do charity straight to the local community, my conviction is that it would be better to support the national or international charitable foundations. On the one hand, a number of philanthropists opt to directly give financial support or contributions of tangible items to the local funds. The reason is that local charities have a better understanding of their locality’s demands and local context via hands-on conversation with suffered people. For example, knowing the issue of fresh water deficits in south western Vietnam, local foundations prioritize to build a water supply station instead of road expansion. In addition, people who give donations to local charity are aware of their social responsibility for local community where they live or work. This means that they often give direct donations to local organizations to draw the public’s attention in the local area. On the other hand, I argue that donors should prefer to provide help or support national or international organizations. Firstly, this is because international charities are major organizations which could provide financial and human resources to aid in emergencies such as epidemics, natural or man-made disasters, as well as long-term planning. The World Heath Organization, for instance, not only released one million dollar from its emergency fund, but also mobilized a number of doctors to address the outbreaks again of the Ebola virus in Africa, which is impossible for local organizations. Secondly, misappropriation of funds is becoming an issue of broad interest in fundraisers. However, it is harder for officials or international charities to embezzle funds from contributors because they are under such scrutiny and subject to the laws of various nations. In conclusion, in my opinion, national or international charitable organizations are still preferable to local ones due to the above reasons.
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