Some people believe that the fast pace and stress of modern life is having a negative effect on families. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is no doubt that the modern lifestyle has brought several changes in our life, whether positive or negative. It is considered by some that there is a detrimental effect on families due to the fast pace and burdens of modern life. I strongly agree with this notion and I will elaborate on the reasons below. The main reason why I believe present life has a damaging effect on families is that nowadays, people have more demands and wishes other than needs which require more money to be earned so that they could be fulfilled. For example, these days, people search for money making opportunities and prefer working for long hours or doing more than one jobs to make more money. Such hectic engagement to work make them stressed out and extremely tired. As a result, they could not spend proper quality time with their family therefore, the family life is affected in a negative manner due to their hectic schedule. Another reason for such adverse effect is the extreme sense of competition among youngsters. In order to be successful in this competitive world, the students try to study for late hours to complete their assignments and projects. For instance, according to a survey conducted by a student of Social Science, a number of students these days, are not been able to get themselves engaged in family gatherings and not even managed to have a meal together with their family members on daily basis due to the burden of homework and projects. Such a busy life to have a successful career in the future often weakens their family bonding, thus produces a harmful effect on their relationships. In conclusion, I reiterate my vehement belief that the fast moving modern life at the present time and the anxiety associated with it does have adverse ramifications on families due to the pressure on oneself of making more money and to achieve a successful career. Although modern life demands many things, people should not forget that love and affection with family is beyond everything.
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