Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages.

Nowadays, elementary education program in various countries includes another language besides their mother-tongue one. Many experts approve this early approach to foreign language than starting to learn in secondary school. This essay of mine shares the same opinion. On the one hand, disadvantages of learning languages at primary age. Some people argue that a new language should not be introduced to children as they believe that learning a new language is confusing and wastes time, could delay development of child's first language. Actually, primary students’ schedule is more open and flexible so a wide range of time can be utilized for acquiring a second language. Second, primary students have to devote much of their time to their schoolwork, learning compulsory subjects. Furthermore, students have to learn many more subjects and other subjects are more important at that age (maths, mother tongue language, science), which means that less time is contributed to learning a new language. On the other hand, advantages of learning languages at primary age. Firstly, young children learn faster, they are less self-conscious or shy, they pick up the pronunciation better and on the long run, they can pronounce more correctly and fluently in their adolescent and teen age, they enjoy copying and learning through games. In our modern days, hi-tech devices like smartphones, tablets...are very popular in daily life, and they are quite accessible to children. Secondly, nowadays languages are just as important as maths as learning a new language is a much more useful therapy for kids to explore the world naturally. In conclusion, although there are some benefits of introducing a new language to secondary students, it is recommended that children are acquainted with a second language at an earlier age.
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