More and more newspapers and news channels are using photographs to support their news articles and stories. Some believe that photographs are not a reliable source of news while other consider photographs to be irrefutable. Discuss both the views and your opinion.

Nowadays, media is growing at a rapid rate, modern ways of communicating and sharing news around the globe is being experimented among which, visual representation of an incident is at surge. While some consider it as non-trustworthy and for others it is a reliable way. This essay would shed light on both the views before inferring any conclusion. To begin with, there are various reasons why many prefer news with images. It is commonly believed that tabloid headlines with pictures immediately fetch the viewers/readers interests and forces them to indulge in the news. According to a survey, it is found that human mind response rapidly to visual aids so to promote the industry growth visual tools are being used by media. Moreover, it also facilitate illiterate people to understand the news by the means of photographs. However, some people opine that too many images are shadowing the real content of supplied news. As they believe that pictures can easily be modified with advanced software’s inventing day by day and helping media in portraying the situation in their favoring way, which may not be the case in word representation. For instance, for increasing publicity intentionally compromising images of renowned personalities are captured that cause irreparable harm to their reputations. Furthermore, many argue that major weapon of reporters that is ‘Pen’ is taking backseats in race of populating articles with pictures. To conclude, I ponder that appropriate mixture of both writing and pictures is an effective method of communicating the news as it not only give the view of the situation but also consider as a valid evidence after proper authentication through certified lab tests.
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