Nowadays more and more people want to live by themselves, why is this happening? What are the reasons? Is it a positive or negative trend?

Recently, the trend to live independently is common. Why people like to live alone or not want to depend on others? It is debatable. In my opinion, it is an acceptable approach because by living alone a person can become mature early and become able to understand and handle difficult situations. In contrast, most people believe that being an independent person they didn’t have to rely on others. For example, nowadays, parents send their children abroad for higher education. They send them to become well educated and by being alone they can learn how to tackle with the different challenges of lives. Moreover, if anyone want to become successful in life, it is very essential to have enough confidence. A person have to face pass from separate stages of life. Furthermore, when number of situations faced by oneself, it always teach any lesson. On the behalf of that experience one can improve or start working on it to make it better. In other viewpoint, financial stability is also have a lot of importance in our society. If somebody is working in his home country and that person is from middle class family and but his goal is to earn more, so that he can give better life to his love ones. For that reason, he start applying for jobs in foreign country to get enough finance due to this he have to move somewhere else without family, but now he has to manage all the things by himself. At that time he start doing all his work that are related to daily routine, manage office work as well as learn how to cook food for himself. To sum up, independency teach lots of things. It also depends on priorities of a person. Everybody wants to spend a peaceful life but it is not easy. For everyone to achieve a target in life they should have to accept many challenges in life.
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