Some people think the government funding should not be used for supporting art and culture, others think supporting cultural activities may be beneficial for the population and the culture. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Culture is the only thing that humans could not create. In some countries, artworks have an important role and are supported by the government every year. However, some people comment that the government endowment should be used for developing cultural activities instead of displaying crafts to promote the country’s background. In my opinion, using artworks to represent the culture is one of the creative ways should be encouraged. Sometimes, words are not as powerful as artistry. Artworks appear as an important role and can easily get supporting from politics. Most of the crafts are expensive, but there is many governments agree to pay for it. Nowadays, a lot of countries hire many different famous artists to help them create fantastic sculptures or statues, which presented to their culture as well as history. By having those kinds of artworks, politics can smoothly have attractions from foreigners and locals. Therefore, there will be more and more visitors and it makes the introduction of the country’s civilisation easier than before. In addition, the economics of the city is also improved. However, there are some citizens prefer to develop their cultures through some traditional activities. It is a good idea too because it does not cost too much. Many visitors love to enjoy local games as well as local foods because they think this is the best way for them to understand the inhabitant's lifestyle. To illustrate, American still would like to try Chinese cuisine and activities even though they have Chinatown in the USA. The reason is they are looking forward to giving in touch with the original culture of the country. In addition, traditional games are the only thing that cannot be copied among the cities. In conclusion, both artworks and culture activities are good ways to depict a country. However, the government should not put attention only in giving the city the iconic, traditional activities should be concerned too. Yes, we can learn cultures from many books, but I do believe action will get into the other hearts better.
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