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For those who are interested it is possible to surf the Internet or read articles discussing art and culture. There are several points of view on this matter. The first claim government must not use charity for art and culture. An alternative belief regar
In modern society, there is a heated debate about whether governments should subsidize artistic and cultural activities. While the notion of public funding for the arts and culture is opposed by a few, I am firmly convinced that government expenditure sho
Many people strongly believe that it is not necessary to use the public money for art and culture ,while some people argue that the government ought to invest money in cultural activities because of their merits for human life and the culture. In this ess
Majority of people believe art and culture are for the governement funding , while others think the opposite they believe there is something beneficial for the dwellers and the culture regarding to cultural activities which people benefit from .
It is an irrefutable fact that art portrays the history of a nation beautifully. Many countries spend a considerable amount of funds on supporting the arts and culture. Although, a segment of society is convinced that taxpayers money should be spent on mo
It has been argued by many that the government should not fund art as it is a sheer waste of resources as the money can be spent on the uplift of basic necessities of life, whereas others believe that spending on such activities is necessary to keep the v
People are divided on the opinion of the government spendings on art and culture. It is often thought by some that the authorities ought to be focus on promoting the arts; however, in my opinion i agree with the view that other issues like health and educ
Government should spent its money effectively for the welfare of the people. Some people believe that it is necessary to support art and culture through government funding. So that it will be helpfull for people and culture. while some people thinks that
Art in many times and by many ways can represent the cutlture of countries. Governement must support Art. Though, some people think it is a waste of time and resources.
In this technological era, the use of smartphones is vital to concrete tasks such as making phone calls, sending and receiving emails an so on. As it seems to occupy an essential place in people's life, I agree with the idea that there are more benefits t
Art is the most wonderful thing in our life. In some countries, artworks have an important role and are supported by the government every year. However, some people comment that the government endowment should be used for developing cultural activities in
Culture is the only thing that humans could not create. In some countries, artworks have an important role and are supported by the government every year. However, some people comment that the government endowment should be used for developing cultural ac
Despite the fact that the matter of art and culture has not caught the attention, it does not mean it is less vital. One can subscribe to a notion that government funding should not be used for art and culture, the paradox is there will be many benefits f
There is an argument about helping the state to preserve cultural values and art by donating its facilities. while knowing the government could invest in some more critical topics such as environmental problems or educational matters, I believe that local
Some societies think that government grants must not be used for encouraging art and culture, whilst other people feel more emphasis on cultural exercise are advantageous for the country's people as well as culture, too. In this essay, I will discuss both
In this contemporary world, some individuals believe that authorities should support financially their country's culture and artwork while others think the fund should be spent on matters that benefit their community. Both arguments will be discussed in t
Some people believe that, the government should not support for art and cultural development. Therefore, such people think that, allocating funding is a waste of money for such activities. Whilst the others argue that, supporting those social activities
There is an opinion that the government should provide financial support for art and culture while others believe another different issues exist to be funded.This essay will show the importance of art and culture also social problems should be considered
Many people believe that the government should not invest in act and culture while others think that money can be used for cultural activities because it bring advantage of the population and culture. In this essay, i will examine both agruments and then
It is a common belief that some people argue that the government should not support artists and culture because it is not beneficial to all people. However, others are of the opinion that the government should invest more aggressively in diverse cultures
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