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It is under discussion that money from the government should be allocated to the Department of Art and Culture. Whereas the other opposes this opinion instead of spending money on art and culture they should spend a good
Some folks argue that the state should not sponsor the cultural activities, because many other areas need government funding, whereas, many are of the notion that funding these festivals may be helpful.This essay will di
Several individuals think that art and culture should not be supported using public funds. Others think that if cultural activities are supported, the population and the culture may benefit. I strongly agree with the af
There are divergent opinions regarding the allocation of government funding for supporting art and culture. Some argue that such funding should not be prioritized, while others contend that it can be advantageous for bot
It is often argued that the government should not spend on organizing art and cultural events, whilst others disagree and opine that spreading awareness of the art and culture of the nation is indeed very important for t
Some individuals believe that the government should offer more funding for cultural activities like music, theatre or art. However, others think that is a waste. I believe that government expenses should be provided for
A group of people present the view that arts and cultural events are of paramount importance and the government should devote money to such fields. However, others believe that the government should undertake greater res
Some people believe that government funding should be consider not to be used to support art and culture while other's opinions say that gives support for cultural activities has a positive impact on the population and c
There has been a rising debate on whether the government should offer more funding for preserving cultural practices. While it is understandable that some regard this movement as a waste, I believe that governmental expe
As per some views, it is believed that ruling authority's more expeditures is to promote art and culture, however, along with remaining people I also believe it can be spend to build good sewage system and infrastructur
There is an ever-increasing point of view regarding the Goverment's fundings must be allocated for important things rather than unecessary activities. It is often argued that they should have invest on other fields to de
It is often argued that the government should finance public services instead of spending its budget on arts for instace painting, music, sculpture, and many more. While in my point of view i agree that investment in pub
Every people in a country pays their tax to the government and some people thinks that government should spend tax payers’ funds on different activities such as Entertaining activities ( music ) or different things like
Some people think that government should spend tax payers’ funds on cultural activities such as music or art. Others think this is a waste of money. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
The debate regarding government expenditure has often centered around whether it is more beneficial to finance the arts and culture sector or solely focus on the scientific disciplines. I firmly agree that government fun
Public finance expenditures are cared about by almost all people, so how to allocate the national budget into any sector catches plenty of attention of citizens and financial assistance for art is a vexing conundrum in a
It has become a controversial topic whether the government should allocate a budget for art and culture. Although there are some logical reasons to support this idea, I personally believe that funding cultural activitie
In this era, art and culture have declined the need of employee or worker. Therefore, whether the government should advocate artist or not. in this essay, I will describe about my opinion.
Opinions diverge on the necessity of funding cultural activities. While some claim it is an unnecessary investment, others believe both citizens and cultures would benefit if governments were to provide financial support
Some individuals are of the opinion that it is not necessary to use the public budget for art fields and culture, while others consider that the government ought to invest money in artwork and societal activities becaus
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