Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time, and have health problems as a result. Why do many working people not get enough exercise? What can be done about this problem?

There is a big amount of workers who have sitting jobs and who does not do any physical exercises at the off work time and eventually they have diseases related to the lack of physical activity such as diabetes and obesity. This people have not get enough activity because of high level of pressure at work and insufficient free time to devote it to the sport exercises. To solve this problem, employers should give extra benefits to their employees who wish to improve their health through fitness such as give them extra time off work. Many people have jobs which do not give them enough free time to get all their thoughts realized. Office workers are often having to work at the desk for entire day after that they have to choose to spend their free time with family or in the gym. And that is the reason of people not doing enough sport activities is that they choose to be with their beloved any extra time they got. For example, standard shift in Russia is 9 hours and the way to the work and back could take another 2 hours, so there is not enough time for sport activities after work if one has family liabilities. To encourage employees to be in a good physical condition, employers could give them motivation like giving some extra time off work if they will attend gym at this time. Providing about 2 extra hours of break each week could improve the healthiness of the worker and he could work more efficiently and he will rarely be absent at work because of sickness and meeting doctor. For example, many companies who have own gyms at their buildings show that their employees became much healthier when gyms became to operate. In conclusion, there is a problem with lack of physical activity among office workers caused by insufficient free time and the way to solve it is to provide extra free time by employers for those of them who ready to spend this time in the gyms.
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