Some countries spend lot of money to make bicycle usage easier. Why is this? Is this the best solution to traffic congestion?

Nowadays, the world is suffering from traffic congestion. To eradicate this problem, many countries spent a huge amount of money for the easier usage of bicycle. In my opinion, Yes, bicycle usage is the best solution. As it reduces traffic and accidents and moreover, they are environmental friendly. To embark upon, road accidents and traffic problems are the major issues of any countries in the world. Driving vehicles on a high speeds leads to road accidents. People drive at a high speed to reach quickly to their destination but a small miss calculation on road results into accidents. One clear example, In India approximately 8 road accidents happen daily. The usage of vehicles is more and more due to which there is so much traffic on roads. Especially, during peak hours. The usages of bicycles for sure lower the rate of traffic problem and also road accidents. Bicycles do not need a space like other vehicle. One of the clearest example is the space which two vehicle occupies it can easily replaced by the more than eight bicycles. Eight bicycles can ride at the same time on the road by replacing two vehicles. Furthermore, speed limit of bicycles is very less as a results there would not be any road accidents. Bicycles do not release harmful smoke like other vehicles they are environmental friendly. To conclude, I would like to reiterate that for a healthy life for a citizen. Government should spend a good amount for the comfortable usage of bicycles as they reduce major road accidents and traffic jams and furthermore they are the best solution in term of keeping environment clear and healthy.
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