Some people think painting and drawing are as important as other subjects, they should be compulsory in the high school education. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

There is now a growing opinion that painting and drawing are of the same importance as other subjects and therefore, they should be made compulsory in the high school curriculum. I completely concur with this idea and my reasons for saying so will be presented below. First and foremost, by making drawing and painting compulsory subjects, schools will help create an equal opportunity for those who wish to become an artist after graduating. As painting and drawing are now excluded from the curriculum in most schools, many students with artistic ability do not have a chance to excel. They either have to take courses in painting and drawing outside their school or wait until they successfully secure a place at an art university so as to pursue their passion, which is apparently a disadvantage for them compared to their peers who major in Maths or other subjects. Another point to consider is that drawing and painting greatly contribute to students’ personal development as do other subjects. This means that if Maths or any other science subjects help students to develop their reasoning skills and critical thinking, drawing and painting play an integral part in boosting their creativity and imagination, which are exactly what many demanding jobs requires in the competitive labour market nowadays. Of course, some people might argue that students are already under snowed with many subjects as well as papers and exams, so schools should not putting more pressure on them by introducing drawing and painting. On the contrary, I think by taking part in painting and drawing lessons, students can find some peace and quiet, thereby relieving stress from their schoolwork. They may find these classes an ideal place to socialise with other peers as well, resulting in them establishing a wider circle of friends. In conclusion, it seems to me that schools should incorporate painting and drawing in their curriculum since these subjects are as important as others in students’ developmental process, and they also create equality of opportunity for those who has artistic ability.
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