The % of overweight children in Weston countries has increased by 20% in last 10 years. Discuss the cause and effects of disturbing trend?

Now a days, children in foreign countries has increased their weight 20% as compared to last 10 years, it has many causes and effects that are discuses in the following a paragraphs. To begin with, obesity has many causes like junk foods, overeating and frequency of eating that increase the body fat. Mostly children are couch potatoes and prefer to eat spicy food rather than homemade food that are unhygienic, it effects on their physical fitness. Moreover youth attracted towards the indoor activities like video game, internet surfing, chatting that make them lazy, fatigue and weak. If they started outdoor activity then their body fat and calories will be burn due to body movement. Moreover, parents are also responsible for their children. If they guide and encouraged their son and daughter for outdoor activities and avoid fast food become healthy life. Furthermore, one of the other main reasons is diseases like asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, insulin. These problems give invitation to overweight. Patients who suffer these problems do not work and exercises properly so they have more chance to gain weight. Few disease are heredity, it transfer one generation to next so they have few chance to control them because genetic problem defiantly day by day. In conclusion, I recapitulate my views that overweight problem increase day by day that have dangerous effect of our health. Teacher and parents teach the adults and kids about the effects of obesity. If government should provide the gym, health fitness facilities to the students in school level then we will overcome it.
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