Buying things on the Internet, such as books, air tickets and groceries, is becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages of shopping in this way outweigh the disadvantages?

In recent years, invantion of internet touchs to our lifestyle and environment. Specially, artificial shoping center has an effect on buying procedures. It makes sum of advantages on consumers such as gaining time, make a life easier, finding higher and cheaper items, comparing product and getting quickly everything. First of all, ıf the consumers want to buy something, probably, they look shoping centers and find true store. Although, It is so exhausted situation and time wasting. the consumer can find a chance to touch product. However, Nobody want to discover the these. Moreover, the consumer can not compare this product with relatives. So, vast of majority choose buying online. Next important factors is find worthwhile product as your best. The problem, people wants to buy both more cheaper and high quality. That is the hard way to find best product to for your use. But, The live testing product has effect on buyers. Beacause, physilocical, the consumer want to buy someting immedieatly, so sometimes no body want to compare product with others. However, majority of buyers want to search more relative product on internet, although they afford to wait shiping. Some services need not to find store such as tickets, groceries, billing or social activities. The internet facilite to reach these services. the online markets helps to supermarket shopping with shipping services which reach them same they. Moreover, person can buy a ticket on internet. All the online services help to gain time of persons life. In short, despite of disadvantages of buying online shoping, vast majority of population tend to use online shopping. beacause it makes easier their life and changing to benifical.
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