In today's world of advanced science and technology, we still greatly value our artists such as musicians, painters and writers. What can the arts tell us about life that science and technology cannot?

The modern world opens many opportunities for humans. We have more chance to get in touch with contemporary science and technology. At the same time, societies also respect and appreciate people doing art such as artist, musicians and writers. Sciences are developed a lot, it gives humans knowledge about another planet like Mars, but it cannot give information about human feelings. In addition, technology is not able to give us life experiences as well. It does not matter which century we are living, I do believe that arts still have an important role in humans lives. Nowadays, humans are luckier than before because we have more chance to get to know about the new technologies as well as sciences. Modern humans could do many things that the ancients could not. To illustrate, contemporary people can easily keep in touch with the universe, and their lives are easier because of the development of technology. In the present, scientists are able to create many kinds of robots as well. However, sometimes people still feel lost because of the disappearance of arts in modern researches. Unfortunately, technology and science are inanimate objects. They do not powerful enough to represent human reactions such as excited or disappointed, but arts do. For example, drawings can contain the feelings of the artists or painters, or a book can tell the readers the story of the writer. In fact, from many years, art is like a tool for people to their thinkings and minds to others. Until now, it still works even the development of life. In the other hands, arts could be able to bring humans a real experience that technology could not. Life experiece is one of the lessons that humans have to spend their whole life to learn. Technology and science can bring us life experience, but only by visual or it just a theory, we cannot touch and feel exactly how it is. It is worthless if people only feel their lives through the screen. I do believe art is the only technique that can express life experience faithfully because it can make people feel it. In conclusion, technology and science give humans huge information about life. However, they cannot tell you about your feelings and life experiences like arts do. None of us guarantees that we always can explain our reactions smoothly. So that is the reason why artists still receive a reception of their works. I do believe that life is will be boring if there is no art. So lets arts tell you about your life adventure!
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