Obesity is common among children. what could be the causes and solution?

Obesity is a common health concern among children of wealthy nations. This essay will discuss the reasons and effects of this issue. There are mainly two prominent causes of an increase in weight gain in young ones. Firstly, mostly it is seen that juveniles love to eat fast food, which is unhealthy since it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The reason why they opt for these junk foods is that life is quite hectic in developed nations, leaving parents not enough to cook food for their wards. As a result, they choose fast food as it is easily available and saves time which they would invest in cooking. Secondly, children are occupied with their studies and do not engage in any exercise. Therefore, the lack of exercise and relying on junk food makes them obese. Explaining further, the long term effects of obesity on the health of these individuals is that they are prone to deadly diseases. An overweight person is likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It is life-threatening. Recently, The Tribune reported that the majority of deaths that occur every year in countries like the USA and Canada is due to health conditions such as heart attack and diabetes. So, obesity is the root of all these diseases. It is also going to put a burden on the government who have to invest more funds on the health budget for dealing with such patients. Unhealthy people are likely to underperform at their work places since their efficiency would be affected by their medical conditions. Therefore, life expectancy and performance of an individual is likely to suffer. To conclude, consuming fast food and lack of exercise makes children obese. These individuals are likely to suffer from dangerous diseases and their performance at work can suffer
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