some say that because many people are living much longer, the age should be increased considerably.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There are some fraction of individuals who are believe that people have long expectancy nowadays as compare to the yester days.Therefore,folks pull back time from work should be increased.I agree with this view to some extent.I will elucidate firstly,how it will put worst impact on employment secondly, in what sspecific jobs age limit should be raised. To commence with,it is irrefutable that retirement age have some bad implications.First of all,it will increase the unemployment.To put it simple,there are plathora of countries which are facing the seroois threat of unemployment.There are majority of graduates but do not have perfect job according to their abilities.Therefore,they are running for jobs here and there. As a result ,age limit will be worst.Secondly, it will reduce the extra money of government. There various government sectors were people are working if employees work for many years then authority need more money for their benefits instead of do another work.Additionaly,there will be no change in the system of work because old age people will not use advance method toward the projects which will cause the production of companies. On the flip side,without any shade of doubt there are some specific jobs were age limit should be increased namely,work art,designers,paintings because these types of jobs need experience of years.Moreover,it will provide not only comfort but also good pay skills to handle their expense.There will be not any stress,burden of work.To quote an example, it is illustrated in the "Tribune Newspapers in 2013,that numbers of old age people increased dramatically in these job fields. To recapitulation, although raising retirement age in every sector will increase unemployment as well as put bad impact on economy yet,it can be raised in art work ,designing and many more job fields.
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