Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy with everything organized and in the correct place?

Majority of individuals are in favour that it is crucial to maintaining our homes and workplaces neatly by arranging things in a systematic way and in the right place. I wholeheartedly agree to this viewpoint as it maintains cleanliness and helps an individual to easily locate their belongings. Keeping home and company well ordered maintains cleanliness. The best thing about is that it gives a pleasant appearance to the place whether it is their own premises or office. It also leaves a good impression on the person visiting them. Apart from that, clean environment motivates everyone to work effectively. Even in the recent research conducted by the Times, India, well-ordered workplaces psychologically influences person's mood and create enthusiasm among them to perform with zeal Explaining further, setting the things in a systematic way in home or organizations helps an individual to locate the things easily .As it is a common thing, which we do face it every now and then in our lives that we are not able to find our thing when we need it utmost .This makes us too stressful.If we had kept an item at a correct place previously, we wouldn't have to struggle to look for our belongings.By keeping the things in a planned way, a lot of time can be saved otherwise we have to squander our time in looking for things. To conclude, keeping home and office neat and organized makes it clean and also makes it easy to look for things
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