The restoration of old buildings in major cities in the world costs numerous governments expenditure. This money should be used in new housing and road development. Do you agree or disagree?

The reconstruction of ancient monuments requires huge funding by the government in most of the cities around the world. Despite, this budget should be spend on building new houses as well as upgrading roads. I disagree with the point that funds should be invested on residential accommodation and construction of roads rather than to restore past historical buildings. To begin with, traditional infrastructure is blend of history and tradition of our country. It inculcate divine feelings in the citizens of a nation. Some historical places are on the roads in many towns, which need to be restored to avoid any loss of property and lives of people. If these places are demolished by authorities, then a part of history will die out that leads to the loss of cultural values in coming generations. Rebuilding involves cost of labour only. Hence, job opportunities for workers will rise. Moreover, ancient buildings attract tourism. As a result, economic status of a country will grow. The money will be invested in building the most famous and old architecture. Also ,local people will get employment opportunities by opening shops close to tourist place.'Virasat e Khasla' in Anandpur Sahib, is the quintessential example of attracting tourists from all over the world, which was rebuilt in 2013. However, it is essential to preserve ancient infrastructure. But it is also imperative to repair and construct roads which represents affluent lifestyle of the masses living in particular area. In conclusion, restructuring of old monuments ,not only raises reputation of a country, but also necessary to exemplify the previous history. Some buildings should be destroyed which can not be feasible to repair.
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