The percentage of overweight children in western countries has increased by 20% in last 20 years. Discuss the causes and effects of disturbing trend.

In recent times, obesity has risen dramatically among young generations especially in western countries. I will examine the main causes of this phenomenon and some adverse effects on teenagers in the upcoming paragraphs. To begin with, there are myriad reasons why the number of overweight children are increasing. The first and predominant reason is that over- consumption of fast food. If the majority of youngsters consume fried food then its lead to obesity because in this food contains most calories. Moreover, children do not give time to outdoor activities like football, badminton and tennis and they become couch potatoes due to smartphones as well as television so that they lead to sedentary life-style. For example, before a decade teenagers were playing outdoor activities that’s why they keep fit to physical health but nowadays with the help of advancement technology they involve only indoor games. Thus, due to above factors young generation become obese. On the other hand, obesity has various adverse affects on juveniles. Firstly, overweight youngsters are becoming prey from other peers so that the negative impact on children psychology with this they loss their self- esteem. Secondly, teenagers suffer from chronic- diseases such as diabetes and asthma. For instance, world health organisation has revealed that in America, in 2015, 40% children’s were prey of obese who continuously eating unhygienic food. Hence, obesity has negative impact on youngsters health. In conclusion, there are many reasons to increase the obesity and these causes adverse effects on children psychologically as well as physical health therefore, to reduce the obesity it is required parents ought to join the yoga classes with their children.
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