the crime rate nowadays is decreasing comapred to the past due to advanced technology which can prevent and solve crime. do you agree or disagree

An improvement of technology has enabled minimising and solving of crimes,thereby bringing down the criminal incidences.I strongly agree that it minimises crime though to some extent ,it can conceal committed crimes. Prevention and solving of crimes is now much easier,because of improved technologies.Firstly,human biometric registration has brought a lot of ease to identify individuals in a distinct way. Easy identification of a person enables easy tracing when a crime is committed.This is also noted when banking has extended to the use f a fingerprint to access services from the provider.This in turn minimises crime commission,since a person can not inherit or have the same features that were used to identify the original owner.To add on ,DNA tests for samples left on crime scenes enables detection of an assailant in a murder case.Technology has improved the ability of identifying a person who has lost hair during a brawl in a violent case. On the other hand I disagree that technology has brought a significant increase of crime detection and prevention.The are other crimes that are committed using the improved technology.A noticeable example is when a crime is committed using th available technical skills,internet hacking and cracking has been one of the major crime contributors. In a lot of incidences the crime is not immediately or can never be identified. To sum up,I concur that improved technology have enhanced crime prevention and solving ,but to some extent can be a crime concealer
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