Some people say the Olympics Games are not relevant in the 21st century. Do you agree or disagree?

The personal details such as hobbies and interests, marital status etc. requested sometimes by employers is actually necessary and needed. Public opinion vary on the relevance and utility of personal details collected in overall hiring process. There are some obvious points that collecting the personal details is important. Firstly jobs that requires odd hour shift may not be suitable for people with family or in some developing countries for females. Secondly for job that involves heavy physical labour work the personal details such as height and weight are critical. Last but not the least the jobs that needs the employee to have passion for the desired skill example travel host, chef, photographer etc., the personal details such as hobbies and interest are very useful for the employers to understand and evaulate the passion of the prospective employee. On the other hand, for regular corporate or banking jobs collecting personal data may lead to unfair bias. First and foremost employers may be biased on people with family or kids as the general mindset is people with family are less focused toward work. Secondly the employer can assume that people with hobbies such as travelling may take more leaves. Lastly some employer may have a bias towards the third gender though with equal or more capabilities compared to a male or female candidate. In my opinion, collecting personal information is some times necessary however employers before collecting the personal details should provide a disclaimer as why they are collecting the information and how will they use and finally dispose the collected information.
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