TOPIC: In some countries, a high proportion of criminal acts are committed by teenagers. Why has this happened? What can be done to deal with this?

Recently, the percentage of juvenile crime increases rapidly. It causes a significant impact on our social stability. There are number of reasons behind this issues and several solutions should be proposed to change. There are two primary reasons why many adolescents tend to turn to crime. One reason is that the pace of modern life create the explosion of technology, which makes a huge amount of users are over-reliant on internet and television especially children. These violent films can have a bad impact on children’s actions. They are likely to fall under the impression and imitate the content of such film easily such as: using alcohol, drug abuse or tendency to force…etc. Besides, in our modern society, commercials also affect how children behave. Young viewers could be easily swayed by captivating advertisements for junk food or video games, and so may pester their parents to buy these goods impulsively. The last reason is that those who under 18 years old are often indifferent to the education of schools and families. For instance, in my country, student are always warned about the health risks the cigarettes carry but some of them still use it as if nothing happened maybe because of the imitation or being adults ambition. However, measures must be taken by school and their parents. Firstly, educating children needs parental involvement more. The ones who is father or mother has to attention to the thing which their offspring watch every day and control children’s TV viewing. Secondly, they should examine products which their children want you to buy for them before spending their money. Finally, parents are able to take their offspring to the courses where they can have real experience such as a criminal life style or what life in prison is really and what will happen if they commit crime A high proportion of teenager crime jeopardises our life and has an effect on young inhabitants lifestyle. If we make every effort, we can prevent this issue quickly
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