The advent of the internet has made it it possible for people to work from home. Do you feel this working arrangement has more advantages or disadvantages? Share personal experiences In your essay.

Working in the 21st century is immensely facilitated with the emergence of the world wide web. This has made working from the comfort of one’s living space a possibility. I believe there are more benefits to this than drawbacks. This essay will discuss the many advantages of working from home then, touch on the easily manageable disadvantages. On the one hand, one’s productivity is enhanced when they are comfortable. Therefore, this set up stimulates creativity and hard work because when one is in their comfort zone they have decreased stress levels. Moreover, stress is directly related to decreased productivity. For example, I find that i attain better exam results when Im relaxed at home studying from my room in opposed to studying at a library or working space. Secondly, working from home eliminates the inconvenience of transportation. Some people spend hours commuting back and forth every day, however with the ease of communication and requirement for just a wifi connection, the need for transport is deemed unessential. Therefore, time wasted on travel is substituted by actual work and productivity. From my personal experience; my job was a two hour commute, and I found that if I stayed at home and performed my task from home I would be more accomplished. On the other hand a negating effect of all these great positives, is face to face interaction is diminished. This results in a sense of detachment from the workplace. Consequently, this loss of interaction leads to miscommunication and distance between employer and employee, which is essential in ensuring a functional, co-operative working environment. However, this could easily be overcome by great online applications like facetime and skype. In conclusion, I believe working from home is more advantageous as it aids productivity through the eradication of modern day barriers such as difficult travel to and from the workplace and amplification of talent through eradication of stress .In future, working at home should be an available option at all business’s.
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