Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic? What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

Nowadays many people are visiting places of extreme weather as part of adventure tourism. It is highly risky for one's life as the living conditions of such places are mostly unfavourable. But at the same time it has some advantages. Such experiences boost a person's confidence as he or she learns a lot new survival tricks during the time spent in such places. The main disadvantage of visiting remote places of adverse living condition is that ,such places may not have proper healthcare,food or accommodation oprions.The water availability may be rare or what is available could be contaminated. It is highly risky for one's life to visit these places without proper preparation and expert advice. Police force in such places may not be functional and people can fall prey to criminal activities at times.A lot of abduction cases of tourists were reported from places like Nigeria and Uganda. Governments always warn citizens travelling to such places.But a lot of people still show interest in visiting these places as they see some advantages in it. Main advantage of adventure tourism is that it enhances people's confidence to a major extent. They realize what they are really capable of while facing adverse situations or challenges. These experiences can be thrilling and provide them the adrenaline rush.Life in such places will be totally different from their day-to-day life and they also have the option to explore the unexploited landscape and wildlife in such places.Studies has shown that people who have successfully completed their tour to these places were willing to travel to riskier places as the experiences make them bolder and broadens their outlook to life. Travelling to places of extreme weather is a personal choice. As long as people take all precautionary measures before heading out to such places ,it can be a life changing experience for many.
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