Each year, the crime rate increases. What are the causes of crime and what could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?

These days, the criminal activity have sharply increased in most of the countries. Due to that, people are becoming scared to go out. In my opinion, I think that the rate have rose because of the hard lifestyle and some time it could be because the limted education for these criminals. However,organise crimes is the most dangers and common type. Moreover, these organisations are very strong what make it hard for the police to track them. Furthermore, there is many people are intresting in joining to these organisations because of the high payment and other benefits as supporting their famlies. Despite the fact that their lives are in danger those criminal cares more in their luxary lifestyle than anything else.In these type of crime the government have to be strict and punish them more extremely to stop their abuse against the society On the other hand, the individiual crimes are increasing too as thfites by using knives especially among teenagers because of the low cost and the absence of parental control. while the parents are busy , childrens have to mange their live which might lede to an aggressive attitudes toword the community. In this case the father and mothers are responsible, they have to teach their child to respect laws. In conclusion, crimies rate will decrease if we start to take a strong action against every antisocial behaver, the government have to garnt that any criminal will nevre comeback to the society until they make sure that he has regrete what he have done before.
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