Many headmasters are considering a new school rule: ‘Mobile phones are not allowed at school’. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this rule? Write an essay of about 250 words to support your answer.

There has appeared a debate over the utilization of mobile phones at academic environment. According to many principals, students are not permitted to use cell phones at school. Personally, I absolutely disagree with them on this school policy. Firstly, what I put in priority is mobile communication that cell phone bring about to students. It is common knowledge that because mobile phones are handy and independent of a landline connection, students are likely to carry them everywhere. This, therefore, helps them to contact instantly with their parents or relatives in case of emergency. More interestingly, some kinds of smart phones functioned as computers connected to the Internet enable student to communicate easily and cheaply with others thanks to the available services as Zalo, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Without doubt, mobile communication is a convincing reason against the ban of cell phones at school. Secondly, study efficiency holds no less importance. Apparently, pupils cannot deny the key role of cell phones in helping them accumulating knowledge to serve their study if they own an Internet-connected cell phone. By making use of the Internet services, available Websites, they are likely to find supplementary materials related to the topics learned at class. More notably, they can raise problems in a forum for further discussion. This, obviously, stimulates them to gain a deeper understanding of the matter in class. Opponents of my idea may claim that children who are allowed to use cell phones at school often neglect their studying and may be addicted to online games because they spend more time on smart phones than lessons. A closer examination/ analysis, however, indicates/ suggests that the argument may not be supported by the fact. The number of students in this case is in minority. During the class time, students are well observed by their teachers who allow them to make use of cellphone in necessary situation. At recess, within 10 minutes, it does not matter if pupils use their cell phones as a mean of entertainment to relax themselves with various applications after the tense of the class. Beyond a shadow of doubt, cell phones provide students with more advantages than disadvantages. In conclusion, the aforementioned are the convincing reasons for my opposing the prohibition of mobiles at academic setting. It is my strong recommendation that principals should take my views into account to adopt proper polices on students’ use of cell phones at learning environment so that they can take full use of mobile phones to serve their lives and their study best.
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