Some people say that we should not encourage sport games among schools because they lead to competition rather than cooperation. To what extend do you agree or disagree with?

Sports enrich student’s campus life and energize their physiques. Notwithstanding the undeniably benefits, a heated debate in whether sports should be encourage in schools has been risen a group of people who claimed that sports lead to competition rather than cooperation. I personally disagree with those who remonstrate about athletic events for the youth. On the one hand, It is inevitable that competitive behavior between students would be occurred during sport contests, in which every participators thirst for the victory. However, contestant’s rivalry in a championship is not a significant concern. Looking at the whole picture, witness of student giving each other affectionate gestures is noticeable things that we can encounter. Take my football club for example, after each match, friendly handshake or fist bump is what we confer with our rivals to get on well with them. On the other hand, cooperation also arise after athletic games, in which not only frequent conversation, interaction and motivation have to be made by students when they play along with each other. Especially in team sport, great contributions of individuals are often incentive speech to motivate their partners or wholeheartedly dedication until that team achieve satisfactory results. For instance, during each match and training time, my football club’s captain urge us not to give up and sympathetically listen to us. In general, sport games among schools lead to both competition and cooperation and it is undeniably beneficial in terms of both physically and mentally.
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