Musicc has playd in every society and culture in the world today.some people think music only benefits to individual and socity .other however think that music can have a negative influence . Discuss both views and give your own opinion

music is a universal language,which does the work of bridging the gaps between people and even nation.Inspite of its nu,erous merits a caln of people still feels that music have negavite effects on society. The advanteges of music in society are not unknown .Music does not only entertains the listener but it is alos believed to possess medicinal values.that is the reason why a calm music is always preferred at meditation centers.the feeling of patriotism is also clearly depicted by music preference of a country,owning to this every country has a national song .Moreover,most elite p[ersonalities of the world are associated with music in some or other manner.To name a few is Mr Allah Rakha Rahman has brought a lot of name and fame to india with the quality music.Thus ,music gives an identity to an individual and its residing country . The only negative effects which are occasionally related by people to music are usually associated with lyrics,used in songs.the people with negative mindset regarding music believe that musicians of modern days uses such word which appear offiensive or vulgar to them and they believe it to have negative effect on youths specially also an another antisocial acitivity which has gain popularity in music industry is the rat race of ganing popularity the music is generally being copied or pirated and thus the culture of theft has taken over the music industry . However ,in my poinoin music has moe positive effects then negative .the use of music is just synonymous to the usage of a knife .As it is upto the user of the knife whether to use it for chopping vegetables or for committiong same way authentic or unauthentic use of music is upto an individual. To sum up,music will always keep retaining its pacifying qualities and continue soothing the souls of generation and will eventually be able to completetly change mindset of negative thoughts bering people .the world will continue binded with the charismatic languaue of music .
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