Some people think that it is a good thing for senior management positions to have very high salaries compared to other workers of lower positions in the same company. To what extent do you agree?

It is often argued by many that employees higher up in the organizational command chain being paid more in contrast to those lower down in command is a positive trend. I fully believe that paying CEO's and FA's more money than new recruits is completely justified. Firstly, those higher up in the hierarchy have been working for many more years than those lower down. Therefore, they offer more experience. Which means, they are more valuable to companies and have more to offer in terms of knowledge and wisdom. In addition to this, their positions require more effort and skills that they have acquired over time. For this reason they should be compensated financially for their hard duties. Furthermore, these employees usually work longer hours and take their work home. This is exemplified by Microsoft, Bill gates, the CEO of the organization, who is on duty 18 hours per day, as well as, has the most computer knowledge background as opposed to the people working underneath him. Consequently, he is paid 6 million dollars per year. Overall, it is good that employees are paid based on how much they deserve. Secondly, when junior staff see their seniors earning so much, they are encouraged to work harder to reach their positions. Creating a sense of encouragement and motivation, in turn, they become more ambitious. Although their monthly allowance is not as high, it is fair, because they know through preserverence they will climb up in the system. For instance, a world known publication in 2016, Maslows hierarchy of needs, puts self- actualization at the top of the chart, above esteem, this means that people are motivated to push forward and become recognzied, thus earning more as they go along. Overall, those in lower poistions are worthy of lower salaries. In conclusion, the reimbursement of top dog employees with bigger fortunes as opposed to new interns is an overall an advategeous progression.
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