In some countries people prefer to live alone more often than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or a negative development? Why?

Modern world has its impacts on many aspects of our lives. Work and study conditions serve as logical reasons for loneliness is a must for a prosperous future of nowadays youth. Moreover, one can be obligated to live alone if enrolled in a remote university or overseas job. While, many people prefer being loners as a choice for other than mentioned necessities than being a member in household, I believe that drawbacks in this case are heavier than the benefits. Firstly, sharing lives is healthy. It is a double burden to live alone in contrary to what it looks for the first sight. For example, many medical studies followed groups of people living alone prospectively and concluded that it is accompanied by higher risk factors to heart diseases and depression. While it is obvious that life partner can be a helpful mirror to detect some behavioral or physical changes in their mates. Secondly, loneliness can affect spirit adversely. Lonely people usually seem less vital. For instance, social studies showed that loners are engaging less in social events and leisure. Furthermore, it is seen on the long term that singles become less ambitious about their future as no challenges present unlike what is seen in families where marriage and children keeps one motivated to provide safety in many means to their beloveds in offspring. In conclusion, living alone has many advantages when compared to family life. It guarantees more privacy and flexibility to one’s life. But despite temptations of living alone, disadvantages are much stronger.
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