Please help with the evaluation of the below essay. More and more people are choosing ready to eat food rather than cooking themselves. Do this development has more advantages than disadvantages?

Ready to eat food is becoming increasingly popular over the homemade food among people. This essay will argue that the disadvantages of such development are stronger than the advantages. This essay will first demonstrate that how the ready to eat food is yielding to poor health, followed by the analysis of the advantage specifically, busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, is not valid. The consumption of excessive ready to eat food among people especially youngsters is causing poor health issues. The reason behind it is uses of preservatives and various chemicals in the ready to eat food to maintain the shelf-life of the product, consumption of such chemicals have an adverse effect on the human body as well. For example, in India, those who consumed ready to eat food specifically foods made of grains have faced health issues like gastric and acidity and similarly who consumed food that used excessive veg fat have seen the problems like fatty liver. According to a recent survey carried out in India shows that those who consumed readily available food have seen a decrease in health and spend 20% more on medication compared to those who preferred self-prepared food. Those who consumed ready to eat food to avoid the time wasted in preparing the food at home are also seen wasting time for medication. For example, people often seeing the doctor for treatment of health problems caused by the consumption of ready to eat food which again leads to sparing the time to keep the health and follow the doctor’s prescription. To conclude consumption of ready to eat food causes health issues which leads to more time invested to keep the body fit so it is always better to consume self-prepared or home cooked food and thus maintain good health.
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