Some people think that people who choose a job early and keep doing it are more likely to have a satisfying career life than those who frequently change jobs. What extent do you agree or disagree?

In comtemporary society, people have many chances in choosing jobs with a view to raising their families. There are many people who argue that finding an early job and maintain working for it to become a career in the future is more pleasant than people who often change jobs in life. In my opinion, I both agree and disagree with this argument because these gernes of jobs have their own advantages and disavantages for different kind of people. On the one hand, the benefit of choosing early jobs is there may not be many issues for people in finding for their careers in the community such as the unemployment, the expectations from relatives and taking care of families. Moreover, when people get fine jobs and keep on doing it the following days, they can arrange their time to do other activites such as taking exercies to keep healthy, looking after their children. However, this leads to the fact that in the future, people may get discouragements because they have been working for a particular job for a long time without changing anything. As a result, retirement may be caused and this contributes to the rate of unemployment in modern society. For instance, my uncle has been working for a company since he was 20. At the moment, he does not want to work, he is absent from work for a long time and becomes an unemployed. On the other hand, the frequency of changing jobs may leave bad impacts for people. Particularly, people do not have fine jobs, salaries and wages, so they could not afford to take care of their families as well as themselves. Moreover, they would become the unemployed if could not find suitable jobs. However, if people can find suitable jobs, they will have the encouragement and to work. Therefore, they will not feel disatisfied with life. To sum up, people may choose the best way to do their jobs in life because both of the figures have their benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, I both agree and disagree with this opinion.
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