Do you agree that the advantages cars bring outweigh the disadvantages?

Owning a car is obviously more convenient when it comes to traveling, but I do believe that the bad sides caused by this, specifically in creating traffic jam and air-environmental damage, exceed the beneficial of using a car. On the one hand, car can be considered as one of main vehicle to transport everywhere, from the market to the office, especially the private cars. In comparison with the public transportation that available in my country, the private vehicle clearly is the best option for transportation due to its good condition of facilities and privacy, while the mass transportations often have the old and uncomfortable seated and the not really working air conditioner, which somehow make the passengers feel nauseous during the trip. Thus, the own car is pointed out the convenience, also the flexibility of traveling period and routes. In contrast, the growth of individual car creates a heavy congestion. This happens frequently in the metropolitan cities in my country, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Pontianak and Bandung. And the traffic takes mostly in the morning, starting around 6.00a.m, and in the afternoon, about at 4.00 p.m, the time when people go and come back from work. This traffic jam might occur about more than 4 hours in a day, and during this time, the fuel usage by cars certainly is increasing, which means the cars produce more fuel-waste, which usually is released into the air. As a result, the situation later leads into more air-pollutant that can harm the air environment, which will have no good impact for human being, particularly in health issues, like lung disease and asthma. To reiterate, having a private car is supporting a favorable traveling with the flexibility, but this action might cause an avoidable rush hour and produce the air pollution.
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