In many countries people are concerned about the number of children who are overweight. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of obesity among children around the world. This is mainly because of the lack of active sports, and unhealthy food served at schools. There are a number of measures to be taken in order to tackle this issue. To begin with, nowadays children have more sedative lifestyles than in the past. They tend to spend their leisure time in front of computers and play games for long hours without actively moving. For instance, it was very common for children to play football with their peers after school hours a decade ago. However, today most of them are rushing their homes to enjoy their pastime playing console games. One effective solution to this is educating families and teachers to persuade children to attend sports clubs or do frequent exercises after school. By doing this, children will have a faster metabolism, thus burn more calories. Another reason for this is the unhealthy food served at school canteens. Preparing meals in large quantities every day lowers down the consideration to make them nutritious. For instance, in the US 70% of schools offer their students meals with high saturated fat and cholesterol contents such as hamburgers and fizzy drinks. One major method of dealing with this is to have implemented rules by governments to restrict harmful, processed food at schools and check them at regular intervals. As a result, children will consume healthier meals with lots of vitamins such as vegetables and fruits during lunch hours. In conclusion, having conscious parents and teachers, and implemented rules with close observation at schools are effective in dealing with the issue. If this works well, the number of overweight children would soon drop.
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