many university students live with their families,while other live away from home because their university are in different places. what are the advantages and disadvantages of both situations.

The education of university is essential for students who completed their schooling and want to become a sucessful life.myraidof childrens live with their parents and otherlive away from the hometown due to the colleges away from their home.It has pros and cons, i discuss both situations in folllowing paragraphs. The first and foremost reason of living with parents that,the interaction between guardians and adults will be strong and they can easily share their problems with parents and grand parents regarding study ,health and personal also,They learn ethics and rituals of their family and also respect of others, in adition to, the proper take care of patents is one of the way to reduce the youth crime , the childrens are attach with peer groups and relatives. On the other hand , far from their homes the students become more independent from others, for example , if the students will independent they can take decision of some situations such as related to health , study, personal . inspite of this they learn values of daily living. Furthermore, which teenagers are living with family they are pampered by parents and they become stubborn , they foget the value of ethics and customs. Moreover, when the childrens are away from their parents they adapt wrong habits and some time they struct in big problems like crime , drug adicition and bad company . In conclusion, while there will be clerily differance the personal circumstances of individual, universities student sub potential advantage and disadvantage of living at home or away from home can be identified.
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